McIntosh has engineered and manufactured the leading audio and home theater sound components for over 60years. All of products are handcrafted in Binghamton, New York. Truly “Made In America Products”. We build everything, including processes from printed circuit board population, to sheet metal fabrication, and building or own output transformers. The McIntosh performance, quality and design have entranced music and audio enthusiasts over generations. When you purchase your McIntosh system from Advance Audio, you, your friends and your family will experience music and movies in the way it was meant to be heard. LIVE!!!  Audio : McIntosh has systems that will bring you the ultimate audio experience for your music.By allowing AdvanceAudio to explore the many ways to enhance the sound in your home for music listening to make your music sound the best that it ever has. 
​When you hear the magnitude and power of McIntosh amplification, with low distortion and proper bass response, you know it is a McIntosh.
The McIntosh blue meters have become a symbol of superior sound quality. Musicians from Bob Weirs of the Greatful Dead, to John Mayer have selected McIntosh audio products for years based on the trusted sound performance delivered. You should too!!
CONCEPTUAL PLANNING : Much like an architect, we take great pride and pay strict attention to details of all our designs. We can meet with you when you are starting to layout the floor plan of your new home and contribute a great deal of knowledge conceming the acoustics, sight lines, environmental lighting, and the theme of the cinema. Once a client has chosen to work with us, we spend an enormeous amount of time sketion out several different styles and themes of cinemas (classic, space age, retro, and several other styles). Each and every cinema is unique to each home. We do not install pre-fab cinemas!

VIDEO ENGINEERING : Being ISF trained and certified, is one reason we are so passionate about the video systems we design. We asses the environment that needs a video system, and then comeup with several options depending on the overall design and lighting conditions. C.R.T., D.L.P., DILA, LCD, PLASMA and custom rear projection systems of nearly all of the above are what our technical palate consists of. When the whole house video distribution is needed, we will scope out an entire system that allows virtually any video source in the house to be viewed at any monitor location. All of our systems are amplified to supply stunning signal gain at all locations. With this part of your home linked to your audio, you too can be at the pinnacle of todays technologies.

Home Theater - When designing your home theater it is important to you how it looks — the decoration speaks to your personal style, as does the size of the flat screen or projection screen you choose. But the most important part of your theater experience is the sound that comes from the system that brings your favorite film to life. The “WOW!!” moment comes when the lights go down and the movie begins. With the help of Advance Audio and McIntosh you can trust us to power those special movie moments and give you your “WOW!!” moment.  Please call us at 1-316-687-0277 or come in today, to listen and experience the best sound available from McIntosh for your music and movies.
AUDIO ENGINEERING : In today's world it is hard to find a team of individuals, or better yet a company with the passion and wherewithal to handle projects from a $10,000 audio system to a full blown live theater or cinema in excess of $500,000. We take great pride in designing syste​ms that exceed our clients expectations. Although we represent some of the finest speakers available, there are times when products just do not fit or look acceptable in the clients environment. We have sufficient skills that allow us to design, build or change products to fit the requirements needed. With every successful project comes enormous amount of design, engineering and documentation. We keep a technical dossier on every system that we design and install. This proves to be very helpful when service is required.

Some audio retailers offer home audio installation, but we are a team of dedicated installers who are committed to the satisfaction of our customers. Our installers are trained in the latest installation techniques.

Instead of outsourcing the installation service out to subcontractors, each installer is an Advance Audio employee and is involved in the project from the moment you begin shopping for equipment.

From initial consultation and throughout a new home build, our employee installers can pre-wire your new home in preparation for the equipment installation. Careful retrofits are planned for existing homes to provide the latest technologies without intruding on the refuge of your home. We take every possible opportunity to earn your trust and deliver unrivaled work and advice to insure your new home audio or theater equipment is exactly what you anticipated.